What is the 1950 Club?

The 1950 Club, named for the Cambridge Masonic Temple’s 1950 Mass. Ave address (creative, right?), is a booster club dedicated to the continued improvement of the Cambridge Masonic Temple.

Who are the members?

The 1950 Club members are Masons who love our temple and pledge $500 or more to continue funding improvements to it. In exchange, all 1950 Club members will have a vote in deciding what improvement gets funded in 2019 (more on this below!).

All third floor renovation campaign contributors are challenged to renew their contributions in 2019 and keep the member-driven transformation of our temple going.

Where does the money go? (this part’s important)

Unlike our 2018 campaign, where contributors gave to finance a specific project (the third floor), the 1950 Club will begin pooling funds before a project is selected. Instead, the 1950 Club members will hear proposals for possible improvements to the temple over the course of the Masonic year and then vote in June 2019 for what project they want to see funded.

Some possible improvements that are already floating around include:

  • Renovating Paige Hall (the small lodge room)

  • Renovating the Director’s Room (the one with the giant surf board in it)

  • Repairing the original organ in Endicott Hall (which, unlike our current one, does not pick up AM radio)

  • Installing the hot tub Ernie wanted on the third floor

…but that’s not all! Any member can make a proposal! So, if you have a better idea, we’d love to hear it.

What ‘bout them lockers, doh?

The Cambridge Masonic Hall Association has delegated management of the popular third floor lockers to the 1950 Club. It was decided at the club’s first planning meeting that members who currently have locker privileges (those who gave $1K+ during out 2018 campaign) will retain those privileges as long as they are active members of the 1950 Club. It was also decided that members who make their first $1,000 contribution will similarly be thanked with locker privileges. In the case all available lockers are occupied, eligible members will be wait-listed and bought a round at Newtowne.


A social event will be scheduled for in early March to light the fire on the third floor, hang out, and debate proposals to fund. Food and beverages will be provided if the fire doesn’t keep you warm enough.

So-Called “Officers”

Carl Brooks of Charity Lodge will be heading up the 1950 Club. We haven’t decided what to call him yet. (President? Director? Pooba?). We can decide this at the March event.

Ernie Fernandez of Amicable Lodge, who led the 2018 third floor campaign, will be assisting Carl with the administrative stuff like processing payments and sending emails (since he’s done it before).

All funds will be received by the CMHA (for tax reasons), so the CMHA is our de-facto Treasurer.