The 1950 Club

The 1950 Club is a member-led booster club of the Cambridge Masonic Temple. Members pool their contributions, consider proposals for possible improvements to the temple leading up to the summer, and end the Masonic year by voting on what project to finance that summer. The club began organizing in October 2018 and had a late launch in February 2019.

You can join/renew as a 1950 Club member at the button below, or read on for more details about the club’s mission and organization.

Who are the members?

The members of the 1950 Club are a group of brothers committed to improving the Cambridge Masonic Temple who pool contributions of $500 or more each year, consider a number of proposals, and then vote at the end of the Masonic year for what project to fund. Oh, and there will be some special events for members along the way to give us a chance to hang out and casually deliberate the options for what we fund this year.

Members are also invited to host their own fundraising events for the pool as “1950 Club Events.” Carl and Ernie will be doing a “1950 Club Smoker,” for instance.

How does it work?

Over the next few months, Cambridge Freemasons will be invited to submit proposals with their best ideas to improve the temple in the summer of 2019.

These proposals will be distributed via email to all 1950 Club members for their consideration and discussed at the club’s first social event in mid-March, when we will (weather permitting!) light the third floor fireplace, enjoy a casual dinner and refreshments, and most likely argue over what we should do (so, Masonry, basically).

In late May 2019, the 1950 Club’s members will vote electronically on what project they want to fund. The most popular proposal will then be carried out over the summer of 2019, in time for the 2019-20 Masonic year.

Any Cambridge Freemason is invited to submit proposals to Some current proposals that our members are already preparing include:

  • Restoring the artwork in Endicott Hall

  • Renovating the Director’s Room

  • Renovating Paige Hall

  • Partial restoration of the original organ in Endicott Hall

  • Repointing the brickwork or replacing the roof (boring, but important)

The winner will be announced at the 1950 Club’s final event of the year in June 2019.

What about them lockers, doh?

The Cambridge Masonic Hall Association has delegated management of the lockers on the third floor to the 1950 Club.

The lockers are a fun way to recognize members who contribute voluntarily to the continued improvement of the temple and we are excited to make these privileges available as a Thank You to members.

At the club’s first planning meeting, it was decided that all members who currently have locker privileges because of their 2018 campaign giving will retain those privileges as long as they are active club members.

1950 Clubs members who make their first contribution of $1,000 or more will be offered a locker in appreciation of their gift. In the case that no lockers are available, a wait list will be kept.

Who’s coordinating all this?

Carl Allen Brooks of Charity Lodge was selected to lead the 1950 Club. He’s Chair of the CMHA House Committee, so that helps. (We haven’t decided what to call him. President? Director? Pooba? Maybe we can figure it out at our first event…).

Ernesto Fernandez of Amicable Lodge will also supporting Carl Brooks with the administrative stuff, since he’s done this before.

The Cambridge Masonic Hall Association will be receiving and holding the actual funds for the club for legal reasons, so we suppose that makes them our Treasurer.